Piz Badile North Ridge PDF Print E-mail
By Alan Carroll

Having flailed our way up one short pitch of VIII the day before - pulling on draws and sitting in our harnesses practically the whole way - we figured we’d done enough training to attempt the 3000 feet of alpine granite on the North Ridge of Piz Badile, so we went out and got totally arseholed.

Deep Water Solo festival - Pembroke PDF Print E-mail
By Andrew Thompson

I headed up to Pembroke last weekend for this years deep-water solo festival, from London.
The Fossen Trip - Ice Climbing in Rjukan, Norway PDF Print E-mail
By Eoin Fitzgerald

New Year’s Day. A pleasant minus 14°C. We went through the usual panic of 12 trying to get breakfast over, with the fossen brothers (James and Peter) moaning away complaining of delays. As Damien put it “There’s no need for all this fossen, people rushing trying to get food into them, shit out of them and stress levels going through the roof” Last out that morning, James fossen brother. Couldn’t find the safe place where he put his Escort keys.
University of Limerick expedition to Aconcagua PDF Print E-mail
By Tom Earle

This is just a bit of info on how University of Limerick Outdoor Pursuits Club got on during their recent expedition to climb Aconcagua. The team comprised of: Frank Cox, Darragh Dolan, Barry Watts, Liam Gahan, Ed. Earle, Jp O' Gorman, and myself.
AG CHOSSADOIREACHT (An account of loose climbing in the Alps) PDF Print E-mail
By Eoin Fitzgerald

"I've been a Choss climber for many's a year
And I spent all my money on Choss climbing gear,
With me mortar, me resin, me sticks of T.N.T.,
How those Alps still stay up is a mystery to me"

(Traditional Alpine Climbing Lament)

Celts on Ice - Denali, West Buttress PDF Print E-mail
By Tony Rooney

It all started (for me) back in February. On a cold wet Sunday, at the wall, in UCD. I had not seen Andrew for quite a while and we both happened to be there that day. So we got to talking about what people were up to, and he said that he was going to Alaska, to Denali. Well…before long, I was going too…and so it began…
A weekend in the Alps PDF Print E-mail
By John Hawkins

The alarm sounded and I awoke from a shallow dreamless sleep. Anticipation at what the day would bring had kept me awake with thoughts swirling in my head. An anxiousness hung inside me.

It was almost a year since I had been there on that mountain, that spur. Then I had been innocent to the ways of the mountains, their nature, their character. Then I had fear, fear of the unknown, now respect. Six months of winter courtship with the Alps had thought me that, and now I was to return. This time we would climb my nemisis.


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