GREENLAND .....into the light PDF Print E-mail
By Vera Quinlan

It was another beautiful crisp, clear December morning and as we made our way up Carrot ridge my thoughts began to wander again.  Already, I was thinking of the summer that lay ahead and the days in Connemara were inspiring me, Greenland was demanding my attention.
UL in Scotland PDF Print E-mail
By J.P. O'Gorman

A bad nights sleep in Dublin airport and a beautiful sunrise while flying across the Irish sea is enough to make any Outdoor Pursuits member of the University of Limerick realise that this was no ordinary trip to the Burren. Our destination was in fact Glasgow with an onward journey into the Scottish Highlands and a town called Fort William. Our goal was simple enough: climb Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain and Ireland.
Snowmen in China PDF Print E-mail
By Liam Reinhardt

China.....Visions of a physically small, oppressed people in their navy chairman Mao suits springs to mind .

But what about  ‘China’ the powerhouse of the pacific rim with a dynamic outgoing people eager to please ?

Irish Alaskan Expedition 1996 PDF Print E-mail
By Ian Rea

First appeared in the Irish Mountain Log, No. 41, Winter 1996

The following is a brief report of the activities of the above expedition which visited the Alaska Range during June of this year.

Satopanth '94 PDF Print E-mail
By Paul Harrington

First appeared in the Irish Mountain Log, No. 34, Spring 1995

Satopanth was Ciaran's brain child. He'd organised a successful expedition to Mera peak in Nepal a couple of years previously (himself and John MacEnri summited) and then immediately began a search for a slightly higher mountain with more substance. He was looking for a mountain which was objectively safe, had some technical difficulties, yet was still realistic for a young group of largely inexperienced mountaineers. Satopanth, a 7075m mountain in the Indian Garwhal Himalaya emerged from the fire. After more than a year of arduous planning, mainly by Ciaran, we left Dublin airport on Thursday September 22nd.

The Ghost of Gervasutti - Gervasutti Pillar, Mt. Blanc De Tacul, August 1993 PDF Print E-mail
By Paul Harrington

First appeared in the Irish Mountain Log, No 29 Winter 1993

The ticket office was closed and we'd missed the last telepherique from Chamonix up to the Aiguille du Midi. Our frustration mounted as we saw 'freaks' coming down carrying loads of people and then going up empty again. We tried to act the fool and jumped into one hoping the attendant wouldn't notice. No go. We offered money. Nope, no ticket no go. Unable to cope with the insanity of empty 'freaks' going up and us left stranded we knocked on the ticket office's closed door. Greeted by a friendly station manager we pleaded and he listened. We had our tickets and up we went to the disgust of one of the station workers.

Cayesh, Corderilla Blanca, Peru PDF Print E-mail
By Paul Harrington

First appeared in the Irish Mountain Log, No. 18 Spring 1991

On Sunday 29th July, 1990, Declan and I were celebrating in the Tambo Bar, Huaraz, Peru. We had just arrived back in Huaraz that day after having climbed the very popular Alpamayo which is one of the most beautiful mountains in the Cordillera Blanca.


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