Rock Climbing in Ireland Interactive Map PDF Print E-mail

Rock Climbing in Ireland Interactive Map

Click on the map to interact with over 100 Rock Climbing locations, including crags, gyms, sea-stacks, etc.

And don't forget that all the data is editable so you can contribute new routes, news, access issues, etc. Browse on over to

Belfast Expedition Talk 25/09/15 PDF Print E-mail

An evening of expedition stories from the greater ranges at QUB 25/09/15. More details CLICK HERE

EigerWand North Face Ascent PDF Print E-mail

By Paul Harrington

Eiger North Face from Kleine Schedegg, March 1997

The full article, along with over 100 photos is available here

Climbing in the Picos de Europa PDF Print E-mail

Climbing in the Picos de Europa

By Ian Martin

Half Dome by Damo PDF Print E-mail

Half Dome - a story by Damien O'Sullivan


As the bus pulled in the driver announced “Daff Dome.” solely for our benefit.

Chere Couloir PDF Print E-mail
By Rob Madden

'hello, can I help you?!'; 'Hello, Can I Help You?'; 'HELLO, CAN I HELP YOU?!!'....I awoke with a sickly dread, believing that I was back in that terrible temp job, answering that phone over and over and over again.
A Hard Day?s Climb - Notes from the Matterhorn PDF Print E-mail
By Gerard Galligan

This time I felt I was in with a chance – climbing the Matterhorn. The idea had been simmering in my thoughts for months, nay years now, like an itch waiting to be scratched. And it was all Hugon’s fault. He planted the notion during our first Scottish trip three years ago and every so often he would bring it up:

“Well Gerry, when are you going to climb the Matterhorn?”


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